July 27, 2008


Sallie Rainville

Just a few days after we posted this, we heard on the news that one of the iconic arches in the park collapsed. Of course, I know that all of the formations are because of erosion and, as the park superintendent said, eventually they will all crumble. I just didn't want it to happen before we went back again! I can't seem to post a link in this comment box, but to get the whole story just google: Fallen Arch, Arches National Park and read the article from the Salt Lake Tribune.


checking in from Oregon - love the blog


It's a right of passage toward acceptance of middle- (or greater) age when you can trust your life to someone whom you taught to drive! But once you get over this angst, it's a great feeling. We loved the ride.

I seem to remember a GREAT deal of "Oh, Bill...look over there! Geoff...don't look. Keep your eyes on the road."

But fun drives. Love the Moab area.

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