July 24, 2009


storyteller at Sacred Ruminations

What BEAUTIFUL views of this lovely part of the world! My sister and her husband are living life in an RV too and send me lovely views from all over ... most recently they spent a couple of months exploring Alaska.
Hugs and blessings,

luna miranda

is this heaven? all the lovely blues...very relaxing.

J Bar

beautiful is right.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


Yes, we've seen a few National Parks when there is snow. Not everyone runs away from Winter. :-)

The Crater Lake lodge is a CCC/WPA project, like so many others. But it has a more "gothic" feel to it. I don't like it as much as the one on Mt. Hood, or the one at Old Faithful (which is very neat in the middle of winter!).

But Crater Lake itself is an awesome place, in any season.


Now I want to go back! You've seen at least a couple of the Nat'l Parks when there is snow, haven't you? We'll have to rely on your stories for that experience !

We didn't spend any time in the Lodge at all. I didn't even know that the Shining" was filmed there. Must go back.


Lisa and I were there early one season, and walked around a closed gate to visit the fire lookout. Normally you can only go to the base of the lookout, but the ranger invited us up - we thought he was going to chew us out, but he was just impressed we walked through the snow.

We spent a couple of hours up there, talking with the guy.

That was a neat trip.


PS: Surprised you didn't mention the lodge, and it's role in "The Shining." Stanley Park Lodge here in Estes was supposedly Steven King's inspiration, but it was filmed in Crater Lake. 'Cuz it's old and spooky!

sallie rainville

It is a beautiful Lake. Better bring that fold-down trailer out west!! thanks so much for the comment; I'm honored.



Ohhhhhhh how divine.

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