July 20, 2009



Sometimes, it's really hard to comprehend the turning of time. Sometimes we find abandoned places or drive through the smallest of 'towns' and I wonder what they looked like in their heyday. Thanks for sharing.


That was a great story. I wish I had some pictures of my hometown, where I was born, circa 1957. That would bring back a ton of memories for me!

Sally in WA

Great post, Sallie. I really enjoyed the pics to go along with it. It's nice to see the old school being used for living quarters.

I've been back to my growing up town once or twice on the east coast and have always been amazed on how it's grown and changed. There are many things I don't even recognize.

You should post the link to this post on the Remember Whensday meme. This is worth sharing with others. It's a wonderful post.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Geoff: Your guess is as good as ours about "Old" Pine Creek. We remember asking about it back then and nobody seemed to know.

That two years was such a separate capsule of time -- we came from Clarkston and went back there after, so the Washington years blend together a little bit more. Except for certain red letter days, like, say "November 2, 1963" and a few others.

Love mom

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Andy: re. your "roots" -- we looked for the Lakeview hospital where your mom was born and it's been torn down. Changes...

This post was fun to write.

Love grandma


You were only there two years? Family stories would suggest it was longer. Kind of funny to think you've spent as many months now in, say, South Padre Island than you did in New Pine Creek.

Where is Old Pine Creek?


What a great post! I love hearing about that time in your lives, and your description of the decaying town and your memories is, well, powerful. Funny to think I (sort of) have roots way out there in outback Oregon. Love you, Andy

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