August 30, 2009



Joe: You WOULD love this area, including the quirky towns! We love quirky places, but we definitely didn't expect to find towns like that out there in Texas. You would want to go to Alpine and Marfa (among others). Go!



Krystal -- I am always happy to know you are enjoying the blog. And I knew from reading "show us the world" that Big Bend is the kind of place that you and your family would have loved. I will try to find your post on it.

Joe Todd

Thanks for the tour. I think I would like to know more about quirky communities. Sounds like my kind of place


Just beautiful and so interesting to read. This was one of our favorite parks!


Thank you Christine -- I'm glad you liked our pictures.

Chari -- Thanks for the nice welcome and thank you for sharing your great idea (Sunday Favorites).

I have bookmarked your site - and I will look up the post on Poudre Cyn. Colorado has some of the most spectacular scenery of anywhere we've been, for sure. And fortunately, we know we WILL be back there!


Hello Sallie...

My friend, it's so very nice to have you join in with us for Sunday Favorites...welcome!!! I really enjoyed reading about Big Bend National Park...thank you so much for sharing your trip and experiences with all of us today! You know, I lived in south Texas for about 30 yrs. and regretfully never got a chance to visit Big Bend! Your photos are beautiful and I would love to visit this beautiful park some day! I enjoyed reading about Luna's jacal...isn't that amazing? Hopefully someone can preserve that little bit of history before its completely destroyed!

After reading your post, I just had to click on Colorado on your sidebar...was curious if you had made it to any of our beautiful mountain parks. I see that your son has recently moved to Longmont. I lived there a few years while growing up. I'm so glad that you have had the opportunity to visit some of Colorado's majestic scenes...it really is beautiful here! My husband and I just took a little weekend camping trip up Poudre canyon (a couple of weeks ago)...I did a post about it...if you get some spare time, would love for you to check out my photos!

Well my new friend, I've written a book! Thank you again for participating with Sunday Favorites...it's so very nice to meet you!!!

Warmest wishes,


Beautiful scenery!...Christine

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