August 17, 2009


sallie rainville

Hi Gaelyn. I guess back then the family did do pretty well. But you know, I mentioned the 7 million (estimated ;>)) descendents -- by the time of my mother's (even my grandmother's) generation, there was nothing out of the ordinary left. The families at the zoo were just a couple of the pioneer families in Kentucky. Our inheritance is only in knowing that we had these pioneer ancestors -- and I do value that knowledge.


How fun to revist old family homesteads. Your family must have done pretty well. Nice to leave land for public uses. Thank you for sharing your memories.


Wow that certainly is an amazing family heritage. Here from BPOTW.

sallie rainville

Thank you everybody for the great comments. I am visiting all of your blogs regularly now and loving them. Remember Whensday is such a good idea!

Geoff, I think the T-Shirt would actually be a great idea. And you definitely should go to Kentucky. ooo


Wow, what a great history for you! Thanks for sharing it.


Hi Mom!

Nice post. I'll have to try to make it to that part of the country someday.

Hildred left you a comment that says this:
"I am pleased that you still have relatives at the zoo..."

That's a great line! Can we get T-shirts made up with this?

(Hildred; I do know what you were saying. I apologize for taking your line out of context.)

Pat VanderBeek

It's wonderful that the zoo preserved and protected the old graves. It's kind of sad that old homesteads have vanished, but c'est la vie---where would we be without progress?!


Everyone has an interesting past. This is so different to mine.
What a great life you lead. My husband has often threatened to sell the house and get a caravan (these RV things are much too big for our normal roads) but we'd keep coming back to where we started as UK is so small, compared to USA!
Thanks for visiting my blog.


It is sad how the places we loved as a child get turned into malls or parking lots, but I am pleased that you still have relatives at the zoo, although in the tiny grave plot.

Rita @ Cashjocky and the Old Salt

What a great legacy. You are very fortunate.

Very interest post. Thank you for sharing it.

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