September 01, 2009


Peter Rainville

Forgot to tell you. The Oregon Trail ended at Spanaway
Lake. (About 2 miles from our house in Tacoma)


How wonderful to have gotten to know a grandparent who actually took part in that historic event! My own grandmother came to the US in 1914 as an immigrant, and passed through Ellis Island. I never got to talk to her about her journey, would love to have heard her first hand account.



Yep, same Elm St house where grandma and grandpa lived when you were little. Your dad said the garage was a single one when he was little but had been added onto make it a double by the time you were born. He said it is the same tree that was always there.

Keep on asking those old family questions ;>)))


Thank you everyone for your nice comments. It is so much fun learning to post old pictures and I'm glad to know others enjoyed them and the story. Nice too to know we're not alone in wishing we'd asked more questions while we had the chance.

Pat VanderBeek

I love the part about Bill's great-grandmother who walked the Oregon Trail twice! That was a cute story.


I would love to read more of the pioneering tales, sort of first/second/third hand. We have only the "western" films for our knowledge of it. Great memory!


Is that Grandpa's Elm Street house, with the same garage in the backyard?

Chatty Crone

Old pictures are wonderful aren't they? There is so much history in them. I've lost both parents and there are so many questions I wished I had asked them, but didn't think about it then. So how long have you lived the RV life all together? Do you stay in certain places longer than others? Do you drive all the time? Why do you love it so much?


If I could only go back and pay more attention to my grandmother's stories...
Interesting post. My husband's ancestors came by wagon to Canada from Pennsylvania in 1800. I could hardly imagine the hardship in crossing the country that way. I don't know much about the Oregon Trail except the computer game version which we used to play on an old computer.


Wow, that last shot provoked such a lump in my throat! Thank goodness for family lore ... and for all those who took time to listen!

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