October 31, 2009


Happily Retired Gal

What STUNNING vistas! Love the Mt. Goat playing king of the mountain ;-)

Seems to me you asked a question about the Oregon Coastal skies I shared recently and I can't recall whether or not I answered. Methinks those were taken in April of 2009 as my sister and her husband made their way north to Alaska this Spring. They're currently at the Columbia River in Astoria headed southward. I suspect the coastal skies they're seeing now look quite different.
Hugs and blessings,

Joe Todd

I almost got a nose bleed looking at those hight altitude photos. Are you taking your boat to Fort Myers?


Wow, how lovely!


Beautiful scenery!
Certainly looks like the top of the world.

J Bar

Great bunch of shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Chatty Crone

This is the first time I have read about Mt. Evans - thanks for sharing and sorry you missed Colorado. Hope the kids come visit in Florida.

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

So glad you re-posted this piece on Mt. Evans. We have not visited this place but it's going on the list for our next Colorado trip. Your photos are outstanding. I'm in admiration. Good spotting of the goat too.


Great photos - thanks for sharing. I probably would not do to well up there, as I have issues with height.

Lady Fi

Wonderful mountain photos.. I especially like that goat balanced on the top of those rocks!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

Absolutely beautiful!

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