October 04, 2009


Joe Todd

I camped at Chaco Canyon ( just over night) what a great spot. One of the places I hope to get back to. Have a great day.


THANK YOU all for visiting and for your comments; glad you enjoyed vising Chaco Cyn with us.


Hi Sallie...

So glad that you decided to share this great post about Chaco Canyon for Sunday Favorites this week! Isn't it fabulous! It's so awesome to think about visiting a place that is soooo old...I just stand in awe!!! Ohhh...and can you even imagine a 600 room Kiva...what a tremendous place! So much history...it's all so very interesting! Thank you for sharing your photos...of course, I always have to enlarge them to see every little detail! Hehe! What a fabulous trip...thank you for sharing a little bit of it with us today!!!

Have a super Sunday, my friend!

Lori E

Oh the vibrations of the history must have been palpable. I do genealogy research and always wonder about how the people lived. I see a picture of an old cathedral and I picture the families that would meet there, the funerals, baptisms etc.
Of course this area is much older than what I have come across. Just amazing that we know as much as we do about such an ancient culture.

Chatty Crone

Not only have I not visited this place - I'm ashamed to say I never even knew it existed. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Now, another place I want to go.


Thanks for reprising this very interesting post, I have a friend who visited this area some time back and she has suggested that we would also enjoy seeing it.

Diann @ The thrifty Groove

Just amazing! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful day!


Thanks for sharing these amazing photos of your visit. I've been to this area before but it was many years ago. It was fun to revisit this. I'm knew to the world of blog so I appreciate that you reposted this one. ~ Sarah

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