October 18, 2009



Wonderful post! You find some interesting spots!!


I've seen several rosebuds left over this fall. They always make me smile. Nice photos.


I love the dreamlike quality of the first two shots.
Fall gives us the opportunity to say it is ok to kick back.
The drenched rose is beautiful!
Happy Travels Sallie. :)



Thanks for dropping by to visit me and leaving such a nice comment. We used to full-time RV until the economy dictated that we go back to work full-time. We miss it so much but the Teton is still in storage and we still have hope. Come visit again.


Margot Again, so glad you made it safely to Portland and I know just what you mean about the grandkids making the gloom worthwhile. Of course! Thank you for your nice words about our photos.


Thanks for the credit and the kind words Chatty. I was happy to find out I could turnoff those verification letters. I learned that from Best Posts of the Week meme too.

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I like your last rose of Summer shot. Actually, all of your photos are stunning. We made it to Portland last Saturday, just in time for the rain. If it weren't for those precious granddaughters and their parents, we wouldn't be here now. Those sparkly little faces are our color in the Portland gloom.

Chatty Crone

Also I am glad those letters are off when you comment - those were hard!

Chatty Crone

I did a no no yesterday - I had thought about it, but by the time I did my blog I forgot to give you credit for the picture. I am so sorry. I fixed it.

Love your blog and all you pictures.


Western Oregon is famous for rain. It is said that you don't tan here, you rust.

I don't think it's quite as gray here in the Eugene area as it is in Seattle, because we're not quite as coastal. But it does rain a lot in the winter. We're not usually here any more for the rainy Winter season -- we are staying later than usual this year.

Chatty Crone

Color is extremely important in life - we need to look for color among the mist and rain and darkness.

So tell me - does it rain a lot there - like Seattle?

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations

I feel much the same way about letting go of summer. Of course here in Southern California at the beach we don't get much seasonal change. Today we have coastal fog so the skies are greyish rather than blue but it's really not very cold. I was glad to get rain last week and hope we'll get more wet stuph soon. Love all your photos, but that rosebud is special isn't it! Thanks for your lovely comment at Small Reflections. I'm glad you enjoyed my mosaics at HRG. I shared some of my sister's FALL photos from 2006 in mosaics at Sacred Ruminations today just so I could experience some seasonal changes virtually. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

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