October 13, 2009



Actually, she's a flatlander. Their place is on the opposite side of the Long Tom river. The trail wends through the hills to the west.


Um, maybe you haven't followed this "trail" around, but isn't part of it where your daughter lives?

Happily Retired Gal

Reading this post makes me wish I was out there on the road traveling too ... almost ;-)

I appreciate the virtual visit and can almost taste the wine from those lovely grapes ... but it's much too early to imbibe at the moment if I want to get anything accomplished today.

As for sharing some of my sister's photos occasionally ... I enjoy doing so ... though I've barely scratched the surface of what her husband has snail-mailed me on DVDs. I appreciate your kind comment on my October 6th post at Small Reflections. Currently I have more time than usual for blogging because my best friends are also on the road in their RVs with their hubbies, but when they return I'll have less time at the computer. I post in spurts as time permits ... not nearly as often as I did initially and I hardly write anything these days. Hopefully I'll get back to that eventually.

I've told my sister I'll teach her to edit her photos and add them to the travel journal she's keeping by hand ... but I'm not likely to do it all FOR her.

Hope you're having a lovely day on the road ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Sallie,
The last couple of times I've tried to access your blog things have locked up on me. Today, finally, things seem to be ok.
I scrolled down and looked at your recent travels in case when I got this far that I couldn't finish. :)
Love that bench below.
The vinyard looks like a lovely place to visit. Those grapes are luscious looking. I'd love to be sitting looking out over the vines with that gorgeous sky I see.
Safe travels.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Chatty, We didn't become Full-Time RVers because it was ugly here! We just wanted to see the rest of the country too. Anytime you are in Oregon when we are, a glass of wine is on me!

Chatty Crone

Oh my gosh and you didn't invite me - you are making Oregon sound like a wonderful place to live - who knew?

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