October 27, 2009


truck rental

WHat an incredible retro car! Oh dear! It is so Brady Bunch style! you are truthfully lucky to have the chance to ride such a magnificent ride hehe :)


hi sallie,
thanks for your comment on my site. i looked at your blog earlier today, and i love it! must be a blast, travelling all over the states "all the time"! hope you can do that for many more, happy years ;-)


Sallie (FullTime-Life)

It was fun sharing with y'all! Thanks to Sally from Washington for coming up with the Remember Whensday meme.

I AM really glad I got that license way back then of course.

Pytashaw, yes that is what standard transmission means. I didn't know that most cars in the UK still were standard. We didn't drive at all when we visited London.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Andy and Geoff: this whole Internet blogging thing is really just a plot to get the younger generations interested in our old family pictures ;>).


Pete can't be found, Cyndi looks annoyed, Mark looks zen, and I'm laughing. Sounds about right.

Chatty Crone

OMGosh what a cute and intersting story! I loved the walk back down memory lane! Loved your car too(lol). Aren't you glad you got your license now though?

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

This was a fun post. It certainly takes me back to some great memories. I love all the little heads in the windows.

Our daughter helped us figure out how to use our scanner. I'm going to have to share some old pictures too.


What is "standard transmission"? Is that where you use a gearstick? If it is, most cars in UK are still standard! We once had an automatic and it felt strange having a "spare foot"

Sally in WA

Great pictures and story! You sure had a passel o'kids in it. Thanks for sharing this week.


That's a good story, thanks for sharing.


I love it! You're going to have to show me some more of your old pictures sometime.

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