October 21, 2009



Chatty -- we will be there all Winter; I meant the roadtrip from Oregon to Florida will be quick this time. We hope to make it in two weeks -- no playing on the road this time. (Last year we took two months).

Chatty Crone

How com a quick trip and not for the entire winter?


Andy: Forgot to say in my e-mail earlier today that I got an e-mail from our Ft Myers next-door-neighbor saying that they have been "enjoying reading about your grandson's adventures on your blog." So have we of course! Hugs to both of you.

Chatty, Yup, we will be heading to Florida; quick roadtrip this time. I'll be blogging more about our plans before we go and hoping to be able to keep up as we travel.

Chatty Crone

Are you going to go to FLorida?


You've got my mouth watering thinking about all those fresh crabs you used to bring us! See you soon,


Chatty, Our plan is to leave here mid-November, so less than a month here now. (oh, so much to do still!)

Margot, you would love WB. You have to go to Coos Bay for a good bookstore, though -- that's the only downside. (Not too far though. It's between WB and Bandon.)

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

This looks like a great place to spend some time. I'm adding it to our list. I like being able to eat local and this sounds like some fantastic local eating.

Chatty Crone

I love crab, but have never made it - just can't fathom putting those guys in hot water. I'm a wimp.

The scenery is breathe taking.

Haven't eaten oysters myself.

Doesn't look to cold there yet either - how long will you stay before you drive to Florida?

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