November 07, 2009


Quasi Serendipita

Just been catching up on your posts for the last week - it looks like you're having a great time. I have the same problem with collecting "stuff" - no matter what I do, it just accumulates! Have a safe journey.


What a great alternative way to travel. It sounds like something we should look into. Hope your trip is wonderful and look forward to post about your Floriday residence.

Happily Retired

Fascinating way to have TWO homes of the (relatively) inexpensive kind. Pretty clever actually. It's fun learning more about your 'traveling' lifestyle.
Hugs and blessings,

Joe Todd

Roadtrek what a great unit. If I every get a "camper" will probably be a Class B. Once you get to Fort Myers you will be living on the Caloosahatchee just like Edison and Ford once did.. Have a safe trip...

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Thank you for all the great comments (and sympathy and understanding from fellow-RVers ;>)). We *are* looking on it all as another adventure and we'll try to report honestly from the road, beginning next week. (Probably to be completely honest, I should ask Bill to post his thoughts too. But on second thought.....

(It really is a mutual effort, especially on roadtrip posts, since I'm geographically challenged, so he'll have lots of input.)

Jay Peck

I really enjoyed your post and the thought process that you went thru to get to a smaller unit. We have a Ford 350 King Ranch and we pull a 35 foot Hitchhiker and we have been on the road since 2005 fulltime. We also have children spread out across the country. Northern California, Portland, OR and New Albany, IN we have found that getting back and forth between the west coast and Indiana is sometimes stressful. Margot from joyfullyretired showed me your site and the things you are doing are of great interest to us. Thanks for your post.

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I REALLY enjoyed this post. You proved there are always new adventures ahead. I'm intrigued with the van. (I haven't clicked on the Florida link yet.) This looks like the perfect vehicle for short trips and for people who still love to camp. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip in the van and how everything goes, including the health of your relationship.


This should be an interesting change versus the 5th wheel! LOL! And sometimes I feel crowded in IT! I will NEVER complain again! Okay, maybe for a few days!

Actually, this van looks like it has everything you need, and you're not full-timing in it - just taking short trips. It should be fun!

Your Florida place looks real nice, especially on the canal.It's funny; either your a Florida person or an Arizona person.

Chatty Crone

It looks pretty nice to me - but then I don't know much. It will be interesting to 'hear' about your close trip. I'm not sure if I could do it or not (lol).

Christina, Sweden

Campers are great!! Had one a couple of years ago and I loved it. will certainly get one again sometime. just to be able to go anywhere and always have somewhere to cook and sleep - it's just great.
Thanks for commenting on my blog!


That is really something! I can't wait to hear how the three week trip goes for you!


Such great adventure!
Fort Myers - I had an uncle who lived there for over 30 years. He loved it but moved North when he retired.
I'm sure we'll be looking in at your 'new mode of travel'.
Thanks for taking us along for the ride. :)

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