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December 28, 2009


Blissed-Out Grandma

Ooh, seeing the toffee turn to that lovely color makes me want to make some...as soon as we finish the tons of treats we still have all over the place!

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I love the look of your kitchen. (I'm planning a similar picture of mine in an upcoming blog post.) I like your island space. That must help a lot. RV kitchens are so small after coming from a conventional house kitchen but I find mine very efficient to use.

Thanks for the toffee recipe. It sounds easy to make so I'm going to give it a try.

Joe Todd

Love your Christmas decorations and would really like to try the toffee but after the "hike" a few days ago I've got to loose some weight LOL What to do with the Christmas candy still in the house????? Have a great week

Chatty Crone

That looks delicious. Your home looks beautitul too. You have a lot of room in there. I gave someone who used to do 'RV -ing' your blog - Deb at Driving@55. I was talking to her yesterday so I sent her your address. Hope she writes.



Quasi Serendipita

That looks great! I've never made toffee but will certainly have a go :)

Hootin' Anni

Oh boy, oh boy....that looks ever so yummy!! And it IS easy isn't it? I couldn't believe the simplicity of the recipe, and the taste of it all is just scrumptious!!! Glad you tried it, and glad you liked it. Yep, me either....I don't have a candy thermometer either, and with this you don't need one.

I'll be back to blogging hopefully really soon.

PS...love your photo below in the blog entry just below this...with both 'Santas' at the table!! That is just absolutely grand.


Oh that looks wonderful! I love your kitchen. You have so much more countertop space than I do! We make do, but I hope someday to have a bit more.

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