December 21, 2009



Awesome song adaptation!! Hope your New Year is the best!

Blissed-Out Grandma

Very nice rendition of the song....Merry Christmas!

Chatty Crone

Oh my gosh how creative - I love that! Merry Christmas. Sandie

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations

Delightful precious post ... perfect for the season! I love this song and enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of some of your favorite things. Thanks for dropping by my Ruby post at Happily Retired Gal. To answer your question, my sister will be here for a while ... though no telling just how long. Tomorrow we'll all drive out to Hemet to spend Christmas Eve with my brother's widow and their youngest son's family. It'll be our first holiday together in a long time ... we're all looking forward to it! Here's wishing you and yours a joyous holiday!
Hugs and blessings,


One of my favorite songs. I sing it to count my blessing and cheer me up. Merry Christmas. HRT

Quasi Serendipita

I love this post! Many of my favourite things are listed in that song (which is also one of my favourites!) Wishing you both a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy new year xxx

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

What a beautiful post. It is just perfect. I associate The Sound of Music with the holiday season as it is one we usually watch around this time. It seems like it used to be shown on TV a lot right after Christmas. Anyway, your pictures are so gorgeous. You are such a good photographer.

Hope you are having a pleasant Christmas week in Oregon.


what a lovely post
well done!!

Joe Todd

I'm off to store for some Apple streudel. Very nicely done.

Lady Fi

Ah - a great song with wonderful photos! Love this post.


Beautiufl series of ruby pictures. Love that Rose with droplets and what a cute kitty.



that's the way to ease the blues.

My Festive Rubies says Merry Christmas.


Awww whiskers feels so comfy and cozy.

Merry Christmas, here is my RT post.


This was so beautiful.
Thanks for the smile.
Happy Ruby Tuesday.


I love your adaptation! Now I'm seriously craving some apple strudel. :)


Lovely series, especially the rose and the cute little girl.

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