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December 13, 2009


Margot  at Joyfully Retired

There are a few disadvantages to the RV lifestyle and running out of propane at the worst times is one of them. For us, it seems to happen in the middle of the night.

Chatty Crone

I didn't think about the part of RV-ing the propane gas. At least nothing was broken and you got the RV heated in an hour. Not to bad!

Keep warm.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

I can relate to coming home to the trailer and being out of propane. Not fun! A couple of weeks ago when we went to winterize our trailer and spend our last week in it for awhile, we too were out of propane. Fortunately we had a bit left in one of our smaller propane tanks that we have outside for grilling and what not. Which was a good thing since we arrived at our trailer after all the local stores and gas stations had closed for the day! Brrrr! LOL

Keep warm!! And have a great day!


It's been cold here to. Tomorrow we expect a 'heat wave' of 56 and then cold again.
I hadn't seen the Canada Geese here for a few weeks and then saw them at my neighbor's pond on Saturday - quite a few. We usually have some stay but there were more than I expected.
Stay warm.

Lady Fi

Sounds cold! Love the odd goose there in that last picture.

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