January 12, 2010


Jenn Jilks

That looks like a trip I'd like to take! Great photos. Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

It was a great trip! We loved everything about our stay in London and the Canal Cruise was a highlight. I could be very happy living on one of these boats. You could jump off and go for a jog or groceries (or a pint, whatever) and then jump back on when you were ready to travel again.


Canal boats, yes. Bossy wants to travel on one, live on one, jog next to one, vacation near one.

Hootin' Anni

How beautiful. I am sure this was a trip of a lifetime!!!

Chatty Crone


I am always surprised (don't know why I should be) at how many wonderful trips you have been on - all the sites you have seen -and the beautiful scenery you have seen.

You have had a wonderful life of travel.

Hope all is going okay for you guys.


J Bar

Great canal boats.

Regarding my post on Grace Brothers, I know the comedy series 'Are You Being Served?' well and I loved it. I don't know if there ever was a connection between that show and this Grace Brothers. I know when they did two spin-off Australian seasons of the show featuring the Mr Humphries character, the store he worked in was Bone Brothers because they couldn't use the Grace Brothers name in Australia.

Happily Retired Gal

How fun to see these canal boats ... your photos take me back to the late 60s when I traveled to London with my sister and make me want to dig out my 35mm slides to look at. Thanks for your comments at on my 'musings' at Sacred Ruminations. I awaken and arise early ... usually around 4am (always have actually) but my sister is anything BUT a 'morning' person ;-)
Hugs and blessings,


So romantic these canals with boat rides!
Golden Anniversary - wow, congrats. I don't know many who have achieved that milestone. :)

Joe Todd

Great post. I've found a couple places in Ohio for short canal boat rides this coming summer. You sure have been to some interesting places and I really appreciate you sharing your adventures

Quasi Serendipita

Now this is something I have never tried, and I have lived in London for a very long time! I have been for some lovely long runs by the canals though and some of the boats do look lovely.


Three months in London? Wow! What perfect Watery Wednesday photos.


Wonderful London with its Thames. Great pictures of the canalboats.

My memories and crystals

love to ride here, nice pictures

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