January 14, 2010



Super mosaic.

regarding your comment on my sky watch shot on my day4plus blog. the picture was taken on Camano Island. It is connected by bridge to Stanw2ood. MB

Joe Todd

Nice photos and collage. I'm all for more sun


what a beautiful mosaic composition...
have a wonderful weekend

Lady Fi

Gorgeous - and wet! Love those huge fluffy white clouds.


Those are beautiful!

storyteller at Small Reflections

Lovely mosaic of a beautiful collection of your Oregon sky views! Hope you get a bit more sunshine ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Cactus Jack Splash

Great collage

Quasi Serendipita

Great collage! I really like the picture in the middle, it looks like a very calm place :)

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

Good thing you got out with your camera on that one nice day. I love the blue in all your photos.

Joyce M

Nice Skywatch Friday collage.
Joyce, IL, USA

Sylvia Kirkwood

Great collage, Sallie, and it looks just like here in Seattle -- GRAY! A ray of sun broke through the clouds for about ten minutes yesterday -- nearly blinded me!! The next time I looked up, there was rain all over the windows! Nothing like the northwest, but I love it anyway! Have a great weekend! Stay warm and dry!


J Bar

Beautiful scenery.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Bill -- you are right, a storm was brewing. We have to grab our blue skies in small pieces this month here in this part of the NW. Not cold here, just mostly wet.

Bill S.

Beautiful group of pictures. Almost looks like a storm is brewing.

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