January 28, 2010


Peter Rainville

Hi Mom,
Great Shot.
Don't feel too bad about the lack of sunshine. The weather is about the same here.
More latter.


Beautiful photos. I do so enjoy sunrise and sunset photos. We did finally get a sunrise this morning after all the gloom we have endured. Oh! where is spring?

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Outstanding photos! Looks so attractive. That first one is so glorious.
I like to collect different sunset and sunrise photos. So thanks for these pictures.

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I love to come here and just LOOK at your blog. Your pictures always make me want to move the 5th Wheel somewhere else.

Chatty Crone

Okay I want to get the most comfortable lawn chair - a warm blanket - and a cup of tea - and just sit out there ane watch. Looks like Heaven. Just beautiful. Sandie

Joe Todd

Haven't seen the sun in Ohio in a couple days.. Been meaning to ask how your husband is doing? Hope all is going well

Joyce M

Breathless here looking at your photographs.
Joyce, IL, USA


All the sun scenes today are breathtaking.


Great shots.

Quasi Serendipita

That first shot is quite wonderful. What a perfect sunrise!

Lady Fi

Fabulous shots... I love the pink sun in the first photo. Now that was some magical sunrise!


Oh really, really gorgeous. My favorite is the first! Happy skywatching.


Can I have the first photo Sallie.
I'm loving it really.


Absolutely gorgeous and amazing! Love it.
Enjoy the weekend.


What unique and glorious pictures! Amazing reflections.


WOW! That first one is gorgeous!! I love the color and the reflection. I can't stop staring. :)

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