February 21, 2010


happily retired gal

Beautiful photos of this wonderful desert area ;-)
Glad you're enjoying the flexibility of this smaller rig as you travel.
Hugs and blessings,

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I'm envying your Road Trek, especially here. We were too big to camp at Joshua Tree so we stayed at 29 Palms. I agree with your and your husband about Joshua Tree. We can't figure out why we like it either. It was so strange but peaceful that it really got to us. Thanks for the memories here.

Brit Gal Sarah

Wow those tree's are really amazing, so different and I love your last piccie.


I have just finished catching up on your posts and I'm so glad your roadtrip is finally taking place. Of course I get to see all these wonderful places with you. :)
My Hubs and I were just watching a TV show the other night about people and their RV's, buses, and so on and getting them specially made. Some of them are like mansions inside!
Looking forward to continuing your trip with you.

Chatty Crone

Come by my blog today for a little 'sunshine'. sandie

Love the sunshine there.


The last time we went to Joshua tree we camped in a different campgroud each night. That is another nice thing about the Roadtrek, it's easy to move camp. When we had a pop-up it was a pain to back up and go.

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