February 02, 2010


Happily Retired Gal

Your photos are BEAUTIFUL always and these are delightful familiar watery views. Makes me want to go for a drive down the coast to Sandy Eggo ... of course it's raining today so I won't.
Hugs and blessings,

Joe Todd

Sallie If you do a skywatch using cardboard I'll send you a comment that says "nice capture" LOL Have a great weekend


Wow one of my favorite view.
How awesome!


I've had my photo frame for more than a year and still haven't put any photos on it. I know it's not difficult, just a mental block, I guess.

Boy, did I ever enjoy your photo of the San Diego Harbor. We were there back in December and it's still fresh in my mind.

I never tire of seeing water photos and I never tire of being by the water.


Chatty Crone

I have never been there - it would be so nice to be there today - I'm ready for winter to be over! Sandie

Quasi Serendipita

I love shots taken from boats - gives a great perspective for a skyline shot like this one! I too can spend many happy hours gazing at old pictures. In fact it's one of my favourite things to do!


this is a wonderful view of this area!

foto CHIP

A beautiful sunny harbour - nice shot!


Love the shell photo. Have you taken the ferry from Seattle to Vancouver? That is a wonderful ferry ride. Have a good week. Stella


i love watching the wake behind the boat!

Joe Todd

Ferry rides canal boat rides they are all wonderful. Have a great day. I find it difficult sometimes to keep track of all the photos LOL

J Bar

A great looking harbour. I can see now why some people compare San Diego to Sydney.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Lori E

One of my favorite inventions. I love these frames. It is so great to have those photos of your previous places to remember.


A beautiful scene of the harbor!
I got two of those frames for Christmas a year ago and haven't put anything in either one. I really must do it. Choosing favorites will take me a long time. :)

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