February 09, 2010



Such a delightful post Sallie!
It certainly was a different era but I bet he would have come around and had a terrific photoblog. :)


So glad I didn't miss this post. It was such a pleasure to read and seeing pictures of your folks was delightful. It was true in my family that taking pictures usually only happened for special occasions.

I think your father would have been proud of both you and your blog.


Chatty Crone

My dad was the camera guy too - wouldn't our dads and grandfathers be shocked about the world today and what all we have?


Bill S.

Great post. I have over 15 camera bodies and many lenses before I was converted to digital. Oh, how much easier and cheaper it now is.

Happily Retired Gal

How fun to see photos of your family and learn a bit more about you and your husband in this post. One of these days I'm hoping to scan my old photos (or pay to have them put on DVDs) though I don't know when I'll find the time. I do love my Nikon D60 and the ease with which I can take photographs ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

Sallie, I thoroughly enjoyed this post as we have such similar backgrounds. My father was the camera nut in our family. He made each of us kids create our own box cameras and develop the film in his homemade dark room. We also had the mandatory slide show visits with my dad and mom, my brother and then my in-laws joined the ranks. We groaned (not out loud) but I'd love to do that again if I could.

My daughter took some of the surviving slides and scanned them into her computer. Most of them were still good, although heavy on the green. You might look into that with all your photos. A digital box is new to me but I like the idea.

Jay and I spent a week in Clarkston when we first started RVing. We took a boot camp course there with Life on Wheels. The campground was right on the Snake. Beautiful little town.i

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