March 04, 2010


Margot  at Joyfully Retired

Your sky pictures are so perfect. The top picture looks like you took it out the front window while your husband was driving. If I did that it would be full of bug splatters.

Sacred Ruminations

Beautiful touches of pink in these expansive skies ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Quasi Serendipita

That second picture is magic. Hope you are having a great trip!

Chatty Crone

Looks like a little bit of Heaven in those skies. Seems like you are having a good time and I am happy to see your pictures. sandie


Wonderful skies Sallie.
Have a great day and weekend.

Lady Fi

Amazing skies - that first photo is just gorgeous!

Sylvia Kirkwood

What lovely, gentle looking skies, such beautiful, soft colors! Really delightful photos! Looks as though it was a good trip!! Have a wonderful weekend!



Another lovely sky Sallie - hope you are enjoying your at home time.

Bill S.

Beautiful pictures. Your blog name reminds me of a saying that I use to my students: "Go ahead and live life - don't just exist."


Hi Sallie,
Your first photo has the look of an old film photo. I like it!
The wispy pink tinged skies of the second are quite pretty.


nice touch of orangey skies and the the light in the end of the tunnel

J Bar

Great skies and I really like the tunnel shot. You've got me thinking about trying a shot like that now.


We always loved Gulf Shores although it seemed we had lots of cloudy rainy days there. But we found some good places to eat. Isn't that what snow birds do best EAT!

You asked if we shared the cooking of Lenten Dinners. Yes, usually different groups witnin the church do a dinner each Wed. until Easter. I belong to a Wed. Bible Study group and they were at the church to help serve and clean up. I just happen to like to cook and have the equipment to do so.

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