March 07, 2010


Laurence Modithre

It's really quite an adventure. "Driving your home on the road" is already a feat in its own. More than just the comfort of having almost everything you need whenever you're driving, it's the adventure of seeing a lot of new sights that really gets it going. For those who are about to start, they'd be in for an experience when they spend the night in the car, on the roadside.


We have been camping as RVers for over 30 years. We enjoyed travel trailer but finally opted for a 5th wheel. We wanted more room and after reviewing the travel trailers and the motor homes, we decided that we didn’t want to give up the 3 feet or so of living space that we would have to give up – the 5th wheel became our only option. We have never regretted that decision.

I understand what you're saying about making better time in the RoadTrek, and a whole lot better mileage, too. We've thought about moving in another direction with our camping, but the 5th wheel is really home for us.

happilyretired at WordPress

Ah ... you and my sister have so much in common! She and her husband love life on the road in their 'downsized' Pleasure Way and are eager to begin traveling again next month. I'm enjoying having her around for the time being but it's keeping me away from the computer so I'm way behind again. Such is life.
Hugs and blessings,

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I'm so glad you posted about this as my husband and I are very curious about this new twist on the fulltime life. I can see that it would make you willing to get up and go quicker with the Road Trek. Thanks for sharing the MPG numbers. I'd love the ability to get into some of the smaller campsites at the national and state parks that it is impossible to do with our fifth wheel. Reading this post gave me the road trip itch again.


3,919 miles....whew! Sounds like a lot of driving to me. We're planning a summer trip to Glacier National Park with 10 couples from our local Corvette club -- Corvettes of the Bay. There and back will be about 5,000 miles....hopefully my old legs will tolerate that much time in a Corvette. I've gotten behind (again!) in reading my favorite blogs and I'm even worse about publishing new posts on my own blog.


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