April 25, 2010



Oh, an online friend of mine recently posted the same flowers, an ocean away! Your photos are both gorgeous :)

lynda howells

Beautiful flowers. great images. happy Ruby Tuesday.x lynda


You do have beautiful flowers even though different from cooler climates. Your climate is probably similar to ours in Queensland. I bet your flowers last longer than Spring flowers in the north. The last tree with bottle brushes is a native of Australia called a Callistemon. There are many different types, I have quite a few in my garden.


wow those are lovely colorful flowers :)

u may view mine too here

Martha Z

Things do grow in Florida, plants that we can't grow outside in northern California. My sister-in-law had orchids and banannas growing in her garden.


I think flowers are pretty no matter where they are...and love that they reflect the local character!


The red catkins photo is a keeper. I luv it....especially with the beautiful blue sky in the background. You'll have to do some research on that yellow flowering tree. It's so, so pretty. I'd say that spring in Florida is lovely....like you.



Yes it is a bottlebrush tree, a native of Australia I think.

Lady Fi

Ah, wonderful spring.. and just think - a whole new world of flowers to explore!

The Cunning Runt

Nice blossoms - very different from what we have here in Massachusetts!


You do have beautiful flowers just different then the ones you are used to. I know you are not missing the cold spring rains in Oregon or dreary days. Have a lovely day. Stella


And if you ever visit Southeast Asia, you will get a shock from the over-vibrant flora as well!

Carmen Henesy

Yes, there is, indeed, a difference between the West Coast and Florida. I am Geogia born but have lived in the San Francisco area for 33 years now. Once, I spent two years in Tampa. I could never live in the South ( was also in New Orleans for nursing school and three years after ) again...nice to visit but I'd miss the Pacific and the cooler climate!

Beautiful pictures for my Monday morning.


I love the last shot
those flowers are beautiful

Joe Todd

I love Spring except I don't get around to visit my favorite blogging friends as often as I like LOL

Chatty Crone

They are not the same flowers, but they're pretty and colorful. Is this your new permanent home or will you go back to Oregon at some point?



Warm is good. Wonderful photos and I love the bottlebrush?


Gorgeous blooms:)


Lovely, lovely flowers and a good choice for MYM.

Here's mine.

Liz @ MLC

Gorgeous blooms. Happy MYM!

Mine is here.

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