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April 06, 2010



You captured some wonderful real-time action shots, Sallie. After reading the article your son sent you, I will heed your warning and always keep my eye on the traffic light.


We lived in the Norfolk/VA Beach area for thirty years and were quite used to getting stopped at many a bridge. I hated them. I've been stopped on the grate in traffic and it is so eerie looking out the window and down to the water.
I read the post and article your son sent - I think my heart would have stopped if I'd been that lady. Quite frankly I think the bridge tender should have lost his job. :)


I've driven across draw bridges before, but I've never had to stop while they're being raised. Fun shots...thanks for stopping by at my WW.

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

More great pictures. I've seen very few bridge risings in my life so it looks interesting to me. Waiting in line for the bridge is not a big deal if you are retired but I imagine it would be irritating if you were late for work. Ahh, the joy of retirement.


I noticed when we visited on the other coast of Florida that the bridges on the Intercoastal would only be opened at certain times, some on the half hour and some on the quarter hour.

As for quarters, I collect them too. It takes a lot to wash the Roadtrek at the do-it-yourself car wash. Of course there is also the laundramat when we go camping.
It looks like your weather is holding up pretty well in Florida and the storms keep comming in the Northwest so we won't be heading west for a while I'd guess.

Joe Todd

When Linda and I were in Ft. Myers Beach last year traffic was stopped at midday to let an alligator cross the road LOl..


They are interesting bridges and you sure need to be paying attention. I love the name of the river.

Hootin' Anni

Oh....yes indeed!!! STOP if you know what's good for you.

Here is my Watery Photo, hope to see you stop by to view. It's always great to have you visiting.

J Bar

Great shots of the drawbridge. An interesting post.

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