April 13, 2010


Martha Z

I can't imagine crossing the unknow seas in such a boat; but then I can't imagine sailing solo around the world as some do today.


You are out and about doing a lot of interesting things that make for interesting blog posts.

Twelve vintage vessels will be sailing into the Port of Green Bay this August as part of a 3-day festival called The Great Lakes United Tall Ship Challenge 2010. I'll think of you and this post when I see them. The Nina and the Pinta won't be here, but still it should be enjoyable.


Joe Todd

Sallie great post and thanks for the link. They are scheduled to be on Lake Erie in June so may be time for a road trip.

Chatty Crone

I'm with you - they were brave - I sure wouldn't have had the courage to set sail! sandie


Pretty cool stuff! Great photos of the boats!

Sonia Mascaro

Just amazing photos!


How neat. I'd love to see them someday. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

The first picture really captured my attention. I can just feel the spirit of adventure associated with that ship. And, to think of everything that came after their voyage. Yes, Mary Ellen Finch needs to take up blogging so she can share her great photos and experiences with all of us.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

I bet seeing those from the water while you're in your boat would give you a whole different perspective of the voyage.


Great picture of the replica ship. Beautiful


It is amazing. When you see replicas it makes you realise what brave men they were. Similar to present day astronauts.

Randi, Sweden

What a great capture of the beautiful ship!

J Bar

Fantastic photos.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

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