May 15, 2010


Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I love your sense of humor on this post. Your photos are always so great.


Your shadow shot is terrific and the rabbit looks scared to death of the 12' woman. Nice sense of humor -- enjoyable to read this post with my first cup of coffee this morning.


Martha Z

If it sits very still it thinks the tall woman can't see it. We need to keep those camera handy, don't know what we'll find on our walks.

Chatty Crone

Hey that tall women takes great pictures - love the bunny. sandie


Great photos of the rabbit! Amazing the various textures and tones in the little one's coat!


Awww...what a cute bunny! That would totally make my day if I came across a bunny while taking a walk. Sadly there are no bunnies where I live. You sure do look like a giant in that photo! The bunny looks rather mystified :)

Hope you have a great week!


I like both...
The tall woman as well as the cute little creature:)

Lady Fi

Ah, I like the tall woman's sense of humour!

Magical Mystical Teacher

She stalks, the hare quakes—
she stalks, earth rumbles and shakes!
Beware the stalker!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Ah, doesn't take much to make my day either and this little guy surely would do it!! Great shadow shots for the day, Sallie! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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