June 25, 2010



I had to come back after our visit to these places! I think we'll be going back out there in a few weeks! Nice photos...


I think we'll be there this week sometime. We're going to go down the mountain into Anza-Borrego for some jeeping and I'm hoping we have time to go to slab city.


In my comment to your current post I mentioned where we are camped right now. From where I'm sitting at this moment, I can clearly see Salton Sea! It's about 40 miles away. If the weather is just right, we can even see the ocean from here. Who would of thought you could ever see both at the same time!


OMG! What a coincidence! I happen to read this article and video on DesertUSA.com last night. Your photos are just like what the video has shown! Very interesting!

Jenn Jilks

That is just a hoot! Oh my.

Lori E

I remember that movie. What a quirky place and interesting people.

Lady Fi

What an amazing place! Interesting - and quirky.


Curious this place, never heard it before.. Very colorful:)


This guy is a great example of how to build a dream literally! What an amazing, inspiring achievement!

EG Wow

Oh my goodness! I have never heard of this before! This is an amazing way to "make your mark" on the world.

Quasi Serendipita

What a curious place! I would love to see this place in person one day.


We saw a nice TV piece on Leonard on, I think, 60 Minutes. It's been quite some time ago so I'm sure the mountain is even bigger now. So glad you re-posted this one. It proves that there are just so many interesting things going on in this world.

carolyn Ford

I haven't heard of this...certainly a place I want to visit now! How colorful and certainly something not seen everyday! And, thank you for all the information.


That is really awesome! It's amazing what you find when you travel. We have a 'Jesus rock' here in NZ that I have posted before, but it doesn't compare to your post!


I loved reading this. You did such a great job of describing it and sharing the history. It's been almost a year since we visited and it still stands out in our minds as one of our favorite things. We did not get to meet Leonard, so I'm jealous of that!


What a fascinating post Sallie.
Being the eccentric he appears to be and living in the middle of the desert for so many years I'd say that perhaps building this mountain just might be his salvation.


It takes a lot of heart and sole to build and maintain a colorful mountain creation like this one. He may be a bite quirky but he is amazing.


The name itself is so interesting!
Never heard of such a place before...It looks so serene and beautiful..so colourful too!
I love your travels :)

Judy Friend

What an interesting place. I've never heard of it or even traveled near it. Leonard seems like a very artistic person. Makes you wonder what he would have accomplished had he stayed in Vermont. Thanks for sharing. Jude

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