July 07, 2010



Looks like a nice pool..
Lovely and sunny..Perfect for a cool dip!!


Sounds a great life floating about pleasing oneself. good for you enjoy it! Where will you be going?

EG Wow

It sounds like you have life under control! :)


Human beings?? Here I always thought we were human beans! lol

Reading your post and seeing the swimming pool with nobody in it made me feel peaceful. I'm starting to think that I'm not a summer person.... too much to do, too much lushness and I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions. Would you like some cheese and crackers with my "whine"?

Phillip has a lovely inground pool at his house, but has been visiting the municipal pool so he can go off the high dive. He had to swim the length of the pool to earn a "deep pass" and now he's allowed to dive all he wants.

I'm sorry I haven't been here more often, but think of you often.



I love your description of the quiet life. Just reading about floating and meditating in the water made me take a big sigh. I can see that it will be sad to leave your Florida home. But then, there is that open road.

J Bar

Looks great.


The pool looks divine Sallie!
With the heat wave we're having it would be nice.


I'm laughing because my husband always bumps into people in the pool. He'd love to have it all to himself.

Jenn Jilks

I had a swimmingly day, too. In the lake.


Lucky you to have that pool just about all to yourself. It looks so refreshing on this hot,humid day!

Martha Z

I guess there are some advantages to hanging around after most have left. Just make sure your out of there before a hurricane hits. On second thought, maybe your like me and enjoy a little excitement now and then.


how i long for a private quiet pool to relax and get some exerciese....
you are very lucky!

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