July 12, 2010



Your post is very interesting.The mango season is over in my part of the world.


Fascinating-and the fruit looks delicious! I've never seen so many mangos!!

luna miranda

mango is my favorite fruit. this species of mango is beautiful but when it comes to sweetness, Philippine mango is still the best.:p


I have never been fond of the taste of mangos. But they are pretty to look at!


Oh yum! They look delicious!

My Twisted Road

From So. Cal, USA I've eaten lots of mangos, too. But, I've never seen them on the tree. Thanks for the picutres!


I recently decided that I like mangoes. So when they are reasonable--say maybe a dollar each--I'll but one. But they are never ten cents! What a dream!


awww i want one! those looks really yummy!

u may view mine too here

Rinkly Rimes

Mangoes mean Xmas to us here.

Chatty Crone

I love mangos - enjoy one for me. sandie


Your picture reminds me of dying easter eggs by mixing the colors! :)
Would you believe I've never eaten one...


Mangoes have the most amazing storehouse of juice! Just one bite needs a sink to catch the leftovers! My mouth is watering after this post!

Maria @ LSS

Yummy! Back here, we call that variety Apple mangoes, but the Carabao mangoes are the sweetest.

Happy RT!


Love mangoes! My MIL has a tree and we get baskets and baskets of them every summer.

My entries:
Moms... Check Nyo

EG Wow

They are sooo good! You are making me jealous!

Martha Z

Yes, but just think of all the fruit coming into season in the Northwest, peaches, plums, apricots, berries and soon apples and pears. You'll miss it if you don't head west soon.

Tink *~*~*

I missed the Mango Festival again! Every year, it seems that something always happens in my life the weekend they have the Mango Festival, and I miss it. Oh well, maybe next year

Tink *~*~*
(in Lehigh)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Ripe mango—
juicy, delicious—
such sweetness!

Stephanie V

Oh, yes, mangoes. On one of our visits to Hawaii, many years ago now, we found an abandoned farmhouse with a huge old mango tree full of fruit. It was heaven! I splurge when the mangoes are available here.

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