July 10, 2010


Chatty Crone

Healthy eating, cheaper, and it tastes so good. I'm jealous. sandie


The watermelons have lines on top of their lines! :)
I love watermelon but remember one summer at 4-H camp I didn't want to eat any and have it running down my mouth and arms. I had become a teenager by then and there were boys around for gosh sakes! :)


I'm really enjoying your shadowy pictures. It's making me go back to my photo album to see if I have captured any. Unfortunately, not too many.


Hi Sallie
Thanks for coming by, my summer is going up and down, as usual! I hope you are breathing easy, I have heard horror stories about the effect of the oil on the whole environment in your neighborhood. Do you smell it?

Your photo is perfect for summer and shadows!

Magical Mystical Teacher

watermelon juice
dribbling down my chin and arms—
sweet summer heaven


LOVE those shadows on the watermelons :-)

Jenn Jilks

Fun post. Thanks for the compliment, I think... :-) ooh and yuck in the same post!


They look absolutely scrum-diddly-umptious Sallie. There's nothing better than a ripe fresh watermelon right from a local garden. We enjoy all of our local growers produce, especially organic.

Crafty Green poet

I love the pattern of the shadows on the watermelons. I don't like watermelons though, I think I'm allergic to them!


The mesh canopy creates a lovely soft tapestry of shadows! Great shot!


Ahh...the canopy! I was wondering where those sweet subtle shadows were coming from! Watermelons! Yummy! They're not really in season here at the moment but I can't wait until they are. A couple of months and I'll be in watermelon heaven! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Beautifully captured..The shadow effect looks lovely!
I love watermelons..So refreshing on a hot summer day!!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific shadow shot for the day! Love the effect of the canopy! The melons look delicious, too! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Rinkly Rimes

So cool! The canopy casts cool shadows on the refreshing melons!

Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love

They are great shadows on those watermelons :)

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