August 01, 2010


Joe Todd

We just got back from Canada was a little cooler there even needed a blanket at night. Hot in Ohio.. Safe traveling..

EG Wow

Lovely tour of the city in spite of the heat. I imagine in cooler weather Charleston must be crowded with tourists.

J Bar

These are great shots. Regarding my posts on Cockatoo Island, the island became a prison and then a shipyard, so the trees were removed and the cockatoos disappeared a long time ago. The remnants of industry on the island only seem to attract seagulls these days.


I believe I am ready for a ride now would be agreat fun to look around while being driven in a bicycle cart


This must have been a brilliant experience! Enjoyed this tour with you! Those carriages look wonderfully preserved!


I'm glad to take this tour of downtown Charleston through your eyes. It all looks so lovely. I hope some day to repeat your trip in person.

Judy Friend

Charleston is a neat place. I have only spent a wee little bit of time there on a trip down the Inter Coastal several years ago. We spent the night at a marina there as we were headed to Florida. We, as in me and the owners of the boat I was helping to crew on. Charleston is on my bucket list. Have a great adventure. Jude

Chatty Crone

What a fun time - walking a mile in the heat - you're in good shape gal! sandie


The vehicle on the last photo is almost the same as the vehicle in the Philippines. You can get around the city riding that one with a very cheap fare. ^_^ Happy Monday!

Blueberry Lane


The summer heat makes it hard to enjoy the beautiful sights but your photos make it well worth the sweat equity. The rides looked like fun, at least for you two.

be well, be happy and have a safe journey, Sallie.


Love your open drawn carriages!
And those baskets look beautiful. I didn't know about these, but will seek them out when I finally make it Charleston.


He is colourfully dressed, but I guess that makes him stand out in a crowd and tote for business more easily. I think that sort of rickshaw would poop me out after the first push down on the pedals. Rather he than me.


You are in a lovely place!
For many years the kids and I would accompany Hubs to Charleston on his working trips to the Naval Base. It is a beautiful city. As soon as I saw where you were I thought of the market and then smiled because I bought baskets there. You've brought back many wonderful memories for me. :)

As a note on my flower post - everyone was calling the chicory lavender but usually it is known as a true blue flower. :)

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