October 01, 2010


sandie czosek

Another place I have always wanted to see! You are so lucky! sandie


Sallie, thank you so much for emailing the link on pronunciation, I certainly appreciated you doing that. One of my ancestors came from New Bedford, North America according to documents here in NZ, I think is would have been the New Bedford in Massachusetts as he was a ships steward. Some family members say that he was Native American. I am not able to prove this ..or disprove it. It would be so very interesting to know!
I certainly appreciate you visiting my blog.


Sallie, thanks for the comment you left in my blog.
You are so kind :)
Have a nice week
Elisa, Argentina

Laura Hegfield

beautiful photos, so many fascinating shadows!


I love the Japanese garden and your shots. Lovely, thanks for sharing!

ann chin

beautiful place, but how do I pronounce the name?


Such lovely scenery. I cuold spend a lot of time there :)


Fabulous photos ...and I would love to know how to pronounce the name of the island.


Beautiful photos! That looks like the type of garden I'd love to spend time in!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Kay, Alberta, Canada

Japanese gardens are exquisite, aren't they? There's a wonderful Japanese Garden at the University of British Columbia.
All your photos are lovely. The upper righthand one in the collage is my favorite. It combines the beauty of the plantings with the serenity of the water.


I love Japanese gardens too. (The Portland one is my favorite.) They are always so serene. I really love the last picture.


This looks absolutely calm... feels like heaven!!
The last photo with the reflections... loved it best!
Have a wonderful weekend.


japanese gardens are so lovely. Volunteers are doing a good job. You have some difficult names to pronounce over there. I guess siilar to our native name places too.


The soft reflective colors make it look like a monet painting, Sallie. It is a lovely and peaceful garden.


It´s so quiet and peaceful:)
Have a nice weekend
Elisa, Argentina


Marvellous places and beautiful photos!
Have a nice weekend:)


These gatrdens are stunningly beautiful! The water setting and reflection in the first and last photos are very lovely!

«Louis la Vache»

Are there any Oldsmobiles belonging to a certain well-known political family resting at the bottom of the pond?

Lady Fi

What a lovely, relaxing place!


Hey, I wish he was for real, just the kind of doctor I need! I got such a kick out of that when a friend sent it to me, I had to share it. Actually, my doctor is pretty much the same way and I do get a kick out of him because he doesn't try to sell me on all this crap that most of them do!



Beautiful gardens and reflections. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Wonderful photos, have a great weekend.

EG Wow

A little slice of Heaven, I think. :)

Martha Z

What a wonderful tour you are giving us of the eastern part of the country. I have spent too little time on the east coast.
Our Roadtrek is now back in the driveway, awaiting a thorough cleaning and its next adventure.


It doesn't get much better than reflections at a Japanese garden. So beautiful!

jeannette StG

Great reflections and so peaceful!


Your description of quiet and serene is perfect! These are feel good pics.
Loving the last one. :)

jabblog uk

Peaceful watery reflections - very inviting.


what a lovely place, so peaceful! I'd like to stroll there!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Such beautiful reflections, Sallie! I do love the watery ones! Delightful autumn captures! Have a lovely weekend!



Lovely reflections. My son lives on the Vineyard, but it's been a while since I've been to Chappy.
I enjoy the pictures of your travels.
☼ Sunny


wow,amazing garden...i will surely love this place...wish i am in there looks so quite and peaceful for a people who needs to run away from the busy city. visit my skywatch friday

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