October 05, 2010


sandie czosek

You have quite a following here. Just know I am jea;ous (in a nice way) of you and Bill! lol sandie


What an interesting story about this pretty little town. It looks exactly like what I think an Atlantic coast village should look like. How nice that you had the personal connection here and were able to make this trip, even if it was 30 years later.

Joe Todd

Linda and I missed this spot on our last trip to Maine.. Just calls for another trip LOL


Hi Mom,
Great shots as always. Not much has changed in the last 30 years or (100 Years). I think the Light House is on Burnt Island. Back in the day, when it was manned the family would go to Boothbay in a Peapod (an oversize rowboat) for supplies.
Also, the DR. that wrote the "M.A.S.H." books lived in Boothbay, It was called Crab Apple Cove in the Books and on TV.

lynda howells

what a beautiful looking place. love all the imagesx lynda

Hootin' Anni

The surroundings here today are simply stunning...each and every angle. I loved your share.


An enchanting place with lots of atmosphere! Beautiful, appealing photos!


What a quaint little town! The epitome of what New England is in my mind.
I think it's so sweet that Bill called Pete from the bridge.
That is a beautiful church and a little sad it doesn't always get used.

Lady Fi

Fabulously charming place! There are lots of cottages and areas in Sweden too without electricity or water. Part of the charm, I guess.

robert dawson

my niece has a condo there.so beautiful her daughter was married at the catholic church over looking the harbour.its a special place.hope to get back there some day.enjoy your travels take care of each other.bob in md

Hildred and Charles

Wonderful photos Sallie, - I am reminded of the seaport towns in Nova Scotia, - all of it so different from the country where we live, but so appealing. Nice to follow you up the Coast and see the places you are seeing through your eyes. Thank you for sharing with a stay-at-home.


I wanna go there...it looks so charming! Great photos.


I am green with envy!... again, Sallie. These are magnificent shots of fall colors and this beautiful area.

be well, be happy and safe on your journeys.
Thanks for sharing the beauty!

excuse me but i have to go and wash my face now :~D


That is a charmer of a town not just the bay. Would love to visit this one day.


Very pretty city, the harbor is a pretty shot. I love seeing different lighthouses, this one is cute. Wonderful photos.


I love seeing boats bobbing out in the water. Adds so much more charm to an already charming place.

J Bar

Terrific harbour and another great lighthouse.


Charming village! I love the photo of the lighthouse!


All of your photos and your words seem magical to me.

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