October 03, 2010



Oh how beautiful!!! thanks for sharing at MM. :)


What great things to see! I love old style buildings.


What a treat you stumbled into! Those houses are gorgeous. You have really added to my to-be-visited list.


The street looks like something out of a fairytale!
I love it. I would have wanted to photograph every house. The pink is indeed a gem. They all make me think of little girls and tea parties.
I'm pretty sure my Grandfather used the term camp meeting for some of the tent revivals when I was growing up.


What a gem to find on your travels. The houses are so cute, they do look like gingerbread houses. Its great to hear that people still live in them.

Lady Fi

What delightful houses - so picturesque!


Beautiful shots of historic place. The buildings are lovely.


Such pretty cottages! I can understand how the camp meetings could last so long.

Sylvia Kirkwood

What a fascinating post for the day, Sallie! Really enjoyed the history and your photos are terrific as always! Delightful looking little houses! Thanks for the tour! Hope your week is off to a great start!


Kay, Alberta, Canada

What an amazing place. I love the Carpenter Gothic architecture, and the permanent camp meeting sounds wonderful.


thanks for sharing so much of the history about this place. I rode my bicycle through this area several years ago but never knew much about it.

sandie czosek

I love that apink house - not to live in, but to see it. And I'm Methodist - know all about John Wesley. Looked like a great place to check out. sandie


Since this is a place we've yet to visit, I'm tickled pink to enjoy it through your pictures. It's so lovely!

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