October 12, 2010



This is my first view of Chappy Island and I already love it, Sallie. That last shot is breathtaking, wow!

be well, be happy and have a wonderful time with family and friends in Oregon!


This looks like one place I would like to visit. I love the top shot with the track winding down to the sea. It makes you want to jump into the pic and rn down the road.

Lady Fi

What a gorgeous area! Just lovely.

Laura Hegfield

lovely photos sally...I love the blues!


It looks a very nice place to have a walk!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a nice day*******

EG Wow

Cool place! I've been to Nantucket but never to Martha's Vineyard!

sandie czosek

The view and my dreams about this place are wonderful! sandie


Great pictures but I like the lighthouse with its red door the best. I agree with you on the vehicles on the sand. Its just not right. We actually did see some on the beach in Oregon up near St. Stephen's Point campground. Only in one small area.

Hootin' Anni

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm so with you on this trip. I love areas such as this!!!

My watery photos are shrimp boats coming in and a sailboat going out. Do stop by if you get a chance.

Martha Z

Splashback, I like that.
Leaving Maine for Florida, oh, so sad. I'm afraid I would chose Maine over Florida any day. With no mountains, not even any real hills, Florida is not my favorite states. Maine has the best of both worlds, ocean and mountains. OK, the mountains aren't what we know in the west, but still...

luna miranda

beautiful scenery. i would be worried driving on this sandy dirt road.:p


Fabulous photos; I loved seeing them all and reading bout your trip down the beach.


So, no cool breezes?
That is a pretty neat view.

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