October 16, 2010



I like the big old oak trees in northern California too. They have the kind of beauty that is unique. I laughed about your comment on the sign. That happens to me too. With me it's always the electric lines that get in the way of a beautiful landscape.


A beautiful avenue.


I'm happy to see a view from St. Augustine. I'm french and a few years ago i wrote fot the new year to an old cousin of mine who lived in NY. But no answer; I wrote again, tried to phone but nothing.
A few months later I tried to search on Google by writing threre her name. And so ,I discovered on the electronic St Augustine town bulletin, that she died there a few months before.
Thanks and happy time at home !


Streets like that are so beautiful! Lovely photo.

EG Wow

While I bet you miss seeing new vistas every day, it probably feels good to be home.


Great shadow shot!! The tree lined street with the spanish moss hanging from the branches is a beautiful scene. St. Augustine is truly a Beautiful place. My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon there. We loved it!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Kay, Alberta, Canada

A beautiful photo of beautiful trees, Sallie. The shadows are exquisite.


Such a lovely photo of light at play amongst the trees and I think the stop sign is perfect - everyone should be made to stop to admire what you have captured here.


The lacy pattern of shadows is so fascinating! A very pretty sight!


I always intended to get to St Augustine but never made it. Thanks for the photo!

Crafty Green poet

I love seeing shadows in trees like this, lovely shot!

Anne Donald

This is a lovely shadow shot - and I agree with you about the signs!!

Sylvia Kirkwood

The live oaks are so beautiful and one of my fondest memories of Florida. Gorgeous shadow shot for the day, Sallie! Hope it's been good to get home again and that you have a wonderful weekend!


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