November 21, 2010



November, the naked month. I can't remember who, but another blogger referred to November as naked and now I can't get that image out of my head.


Erika B

Looks like a beautiful place. Great mosaic!

Erika B

Kay Davies

I'd love to see the coast of Maine. It's beautiful. (Oregon is beautiful, too, although perhaps not in November. But the Oregon coast is spectacular.)
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, I love these pictures. I have wanted to visit Maine since I read a book set there in the sixth grade. Haven't made it yet. But, perhaps we are getting closer.

This week we traded in our HHR for a truck that will handle a camper. Now we are on the hunt for a in bed pop-up truck campter, Perhaps by spring we will be able to hit the road.


I never get tired of looking at those seaside pictures. I must see those towns someday.


Very picturesque.

Mel Cole

VEry pleasant place. Wish I could live near the sea too.

My Yellow Monday post


Love this place. I bet it's fun to live here. Thanks for sharing!

|Joe Todd

Always love your photos. A few years back when our trip to the Oregon coast fell through we ended up in Maine instead LOL.. Have a great week. I think we are going to have sunshine here in Ohio today.


If you had not told me where your photos were taken I would have guessed Maine. Wonderful mosaic. Happy Thanksgiving.

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