December 20, 2010


Louis la Vache

So how did TSA treat you?


Great shots for this time of year!! Gorgeous, but wouldn't want to be there!


Those are beautiful views, I have never been there so it is nice to see!

Gemma @ Greyscale

Beautiful snowy peaks in these photos! Especially love the folds of blue in the snow in the second photo!


Great shots!Friends were stuck in Germany for 2 nights waiting to get home from Bahrain this weekend-because of snow/ice problems at Heathrow. Last night, they were finally flown to Manchester....

Lady Fi

Those mountains are stunning! Enjoy your holidays!


Such a stunning view while waiting. Glad you had your camera with you. The days of carefree enjoyable flights are gone. Such a shame. I just dont want to do it anymore! Glad you made it to your nice warm destination!


What a wonderful view of the snowy mountains from your plane, Sallie! Even nicer when you know your final stop is the warmth of Florida... I agree entirely that flying has lost its glamor!


Just be glad you were not in London!!


you did a lot of photography during the delay i see. i don't mind the delays either as long as i have my camera with me and i can walk around and photograph stuff.

photo cache

aka Penelope

The snowy mountains are so gorgeous from a distance. It gets more difficult when closer to home. Yes … safety is paramount when traveling so I’m glad they took all the necessary precautions during your veeerrry long journey. :)

Martha Z

I try to avoid traveling by air this time of year. I don't care much for travel by car, either, as the weather is frequently bad. It looks like we will get a break from the pineapple express just in time to go to LA for Christmas.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Gorgeous views, but what a mess!! I try never to fly anywhere over the winter holidays as I have gotten stranded too often and it's no fun -- but sometimes necessary! Hope your week goes well and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!



I love this white but it is to cold for me

Joe Todd

Beautiful photos..I'm trying to think warm today. I'm wearing my Doc Ford's tee-shirt from Sanibel Island LOL

EG Wow

I'm glad you didn't bother to complain as the risks of flying in bad weather are tremendous. Salt Lake City has a lovely view of mountains!


The view out of the windows is spectacular.


One of the benefits of being a blogger and/or photographer is that delays of any kind make wonderful fodder for blog posts and/or photo memes. If you hadn't been delayed, you would have missed these great shots. I like the top one with everything white except for the coloring on the plane. Delta should pay you some big bucks for that shot.

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