January 03, 2011



I love visiting light houses. This is a great collection.

Gemma @ Greyscale

Love all the fifferent styles of lighthouses! Lots of interesting character!


ohh! great collection of lighthouses! Lots of fun!


Hi Sallie, Catching up to see how life is there in FL. I loved seeing your photos of the MV and Chappy lighthouses - got me reminiscing about summer!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I need a good red lighthouse to restore my sanity. Cold weather here has frozen my pipes and I have been waterless for three days. Will the lighthouse show me the way to fresh water or only salt?


You remind me of my step MIL, she's so crazy with Lighthouses.


Lighthouses are such an iconic thing for Americans. They are a huge theme in the gift industry, and over the last two decades I've made countless lighthouse ornaments and other gift items in Asia for the US market. Last week I saw my first lighthouse in Asia, and it was a beauty. Will post a photo of it sometime.

[Let me know if you find another book written by William Least Heat-Moon. My work plate is so full, I barely have time to take bathroom breaks! :-D ]

Lady Fi

Mmm... wonderful lighthouse shots!

EG Wow

Very cool. I'm a lover of lighthouses! :)


Just an incredible set of light houses. We have a couple near here on Lake Erie but not so well preserved.

Robin from Israel

Lovely. Lighthouses are so photogenic, aren't they?

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!


So many cool lighthouses! Very nice. I think they make wonderful subjects. Enjoy the day.


I typed a comment and just as went to post it my modem failed so I think it is lost...
What I had said is that I love lighthouses, I always have done. I think of lighthouse keepers of many years ago and their wives and children. Many lighthouses in NZ are/were in such far away isolated places, very often on small islands where supplies came in by boat very infrequently. Often the wives never had contact with other women for great periods of time. These wives had to cook, clothe, educate and very often be both doctor and nurse for their families. What a hard life it would have been.
On the plus side they must have lived in some very beautiful places and the lighthouses are so beautiful too as your photos here show. I love all the different styles too, so thank you for showing them.


A great collection of lighthouse photos. I have always enjoyed seeing different lighthouses. I wish you and yours a very Happy, Healthy New Year.

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