January 10, 2011



We had a great visit!


How great to have your kids pop in for a nice visit. How great also that you live in such a beautiful area to show off. But I'm with you on the Monday mornings. Now that I'm retired it's so nice to sleep in and let everyone else fight the traffic and the weather.


ahh, fun stuff! I see the sun is shining...I could really go for that about now! I love the manatees and the birds. And I miss kayaking...ours have been sitting outside not getting any use :(


What fun, to spend some time showing off your area to the kids. Your manatee looks similar to our dugong but i believe they are different species.


Oh, BTW, our group organizer only charges $5 one time fee for the website maintenance and she shoulders the rest of the incidentals. When we carpool, we help pay for wear and tear and gas.


Sallie, it must be a treat for your son and DIL to savor the warm Florida weather. I heard Denver is in a deep freeze.

Your reflection photos are beautiful.


Wonderful images. I am sure you had a good time.

Sally in WA

I'll have to check these places out, Sallie. My mom is thinking of moving to the North Ft. Myers area to be near my aunt and will be flying in at the beginning of February. I feel like a different kind of Traveling Sally. Oregon just over a week ago, and Florida (Space Coast) next week. :)

Carolina Mts

Makes me miss FL! We lived in Bonita Springs 10 years before moving here.


All of your showing off is making me think we are way overdue for a trip to your neck of the woods. If nothing else we need to see the Ford/Edison estates there!

Kay Davies

How wonderful for you to have such a good visit, and so many things to talk about, too, but how dreadful for "the kids" to have to fly to Denver, then go to work.
Hard to believe manatees used to be taken for mermaids, but they do have their own kind of charm, don't they?
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Sylvia Kirkwood

What a delightful post and an even more delightful visit for you and your family! Great captures as always! What a fun place and it looks soooo warm! Hope your week is off to a great start, Sallie! Enjoy!



Not only snowy, but COLD, too!! You sure saw a lot in a short period of time, Sallie. I think you're a good tour guide. I bet they felt refreshed by the sunny warmth and bright colors!

Joe Todd

Great post. Linda and I are going to try and get to the Edison house in Milan,Ohio this spring

Martha Z

I remember seeing manatees when we went canoing up around Tampa, neat to see them. I've been to Edison's estate but it was long ago.
You remind me that there is a lot to see in Florida, sounds like you had a nice visit.

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