January 24, 2011


Rita aka Cashjocky

All great photos, but, the last one reminds me of a house near our doctors office. It is all done up in red, white and blue. I have photographed it many times but have never actually used any of the photos on my blog. It always seems to be out of place except near one of the patriotic holidays.

Writing that last sentence has given me an idea. I have a collect of houses that give a holiday vibe all year. Perhaps it is time I did a special post on them.

Thanks Sallie for giving me an inspiration.


I agree with you - that little red and white cottage looks very tempting. It looks so clean and yet cozy.

Manang Kim,USA

I agree with you that house is stunning!
Street/Store signs

Stephanie V

Those are adorable cottages. They'd tempt anyone to stop by for a day or two.


Red trim works for me. While a scruffy hermit like me probably wouldn't adapt well to the neighborhood -- nor the neighborhood to me -- the houses are attractive.

rubie lee

love the red design ,,cute cottage


I love them!!
a small cottage in a quaint town sounds great to me


They are both nice places. I would take the small cottage myself.

EG Wow

Yes, it's a sweet little place, isn't it? But I don't need another house either. :)

sandie czosek

I like them all, but I like the one in Oregon the best. I am so sorry I have been amiss writing you - I am trying to get better.

How are you? Are you still in Oregon? When do you go back to Florida? And last but not least - how is Bill doing?


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