February 20, 2011



Smiling back at you, Sallie. Speaking of cleaning up photo files, I don't even know where to start with mine. Did you have to mention the subject? lol



I love it! I had no idea it was the name of a rose. How perfect!


Lovely shots! Thanks for visiting Occasional Toronto, but I think you would be happier down there than up here in the Annex today - temp is -9C and a bit windy! Enjoy!


Lovely, Sallie-it is the name of a rose:I Googled it.

Mickie Brown

Sally, Beautiful roses--you just can't go wrong with a rose. Seems like lots of people are pulling out old photos to post in and effort to bring Spring on. I have to tell you about our weather last we in Kansas--it was minus 17 degrees (an all time low) and a week later it was 78 degrees (an all time high). A swing of 95 degrees in a week's time---amazing. Have a great week.

Lady Fi

Wonderful name - and advice! And what gorgeous flower shots.

Kay Davies

A beautiful name and excellent advice!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Keep smiling is my standard letter closer... along with Stay brilliant! :-D I smile and laugh a lot. These are happy yellow flowers you found in your archives, Sallie.


Great shots. Happy MYM!

Liz @ MLC

ann nz

This year, our summer stole our spring, and the roses matured too quickly.

Thanks for compliment. For my environmental work, I tell myself, once a year I do something for mother earth. Having said that, I have "retired" myself for next year. Standing for 12 hours in the hot sun is too much for me.

The photos were fluke shots.


nice name for the rose.


Sallie, My Mom had a little sign in our kitchen "Keep Smiling" - I think it's simple but good advise. When you're done with your archives, you can start on mine!

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