March 29, 2011



It's just great spotting different species side by side.


Such lovely captures!
I love that little blue heron (and the shot itself, yes, they seem to be ignoring each other big time :D)
And I like drive by shooting. :)


I love the two Herons ignoring each other. What a capture! Love your blog.:-D)


Very nice photos! Everything looks so bright and warm!


Great shots! I love the one of the birds in a row on the fence :)


Your pictures are so good. You are surely in a birder's paradise. Some day we have got to get to Florida.

Hilke Breder

Lovely shots, Sallie! I love their muted colors and peaceful mood.

Larry Jordan

Nice seeing the Little Blue and Great Blue together. The shot of the Osprey in the nest below is very cool too.

NatureFootstep Photography

that´s great birding. I saw some of them on my visit to Costa Rica a month ago. :)


Little and Great Blue Herons together,what cool contrast!:)


Nice variety of birds!


Wow Sallie , great birds and sightings. The Little Blue Heron is one of my favorite.

Gemma @ Greyscale

Magical soft and bright light tones in these beautiful photos! Great heron shots!

Stewart M

I think herons spend a lot of time pretending to ignore things - but I always think they are on guard.

Hate to tell you that the bowerbirds are not really a "feeder bird" for me - the pictures were taken at a Rain Forest Lodge in Southern Queensland - if you do a bit of detective work, you will find the name in one of the pictures!

Thanks for visit.


Stunning, The birds are just so beautiful and seem to be enjoying their day! Amazing collection of shots there!

Pat Ulrich

What a funny shot -- it really does look like they are doing their best to ignore eachother!

Sally in WA

That looked like a fun trip, Sallie!


Great shots, Sallie - I wonder what that nest was?

Boom & Gary

Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Ya'll saw lots of good ones! I like that collage arrangement--very well done!

Clair Z.

Boat-by birding, I love it. I think that you are having entirely too much fun (but then, so do we)!


Great shots! You were able to see a nice group of birds on your trip. Must have been a lovely birding/photography experience!


I wonder if the London Fog trench coat was inspired by a hunched over, brooding heron! ;-)WBW


Some amazing bird shots.


Both are pretty! I love your post:)
Have a nice evening!


It looks like a beautiful day and very interesting to see both Herons side by side.

Bill S

Great comparison. I love the looks on their faces. Thanks for reminding me.


Lovely selection of sail by wildlife images.

Jenn Jilks

So beautiful! Thanks for visiting, and yes, I hope for spring, too!


Great images of world birds i have never seen. Thank you!


You certainly found a plethora of birds on your trip!
Maybe the herons were involved in a clandestine bird operation of sorts - watching both ways. :)


Lovely images. Great birds to see.

Lady Fi

Wow - these bird shots are amazing!


Very nice!

Mike B.

Nice to see some warm weather photos! We still haven't hit 60 degrees yet this year, though they say we might by the end of the week.

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