March 15, 2011


Clair Z.

These are really gorgeous photos. We will go up there this month for sure. The Bosque is just down the road from The Owl Cafe, where my husband adores the green chile cheeseburgers (as I've probably mentioned on my blog maybe a hundred times, lol)!


Beautiful skies and I love the big flocks of the cranes I would love to visit this place some day.

Sally in WA

Sallie, these are magnificent!! I especially enjoyed the last one. I'll be back in Florida in a couple of weeks for just a couple of days. Hopefully I'll get to see some more great birds.


This is fantastic shots!! I think some of the birds are heading north already. Thanks for sharing!
Sky Watch Friday


Fantastic shots, specially loved the last one

Mickie Brown

Beautiful shot of the birds --and there are A LOT of them. Love the closer shot of the cranes--you are right, it's amazing. Mickie

Mike B.

Great bird shots. I didn't check out the cranes at Sauvies Island this year. Shame on me.


Oh my, I would be so excited to see these marvelous birds, - the sandhills are magnificent. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures.

Write Girl

These are amazing sky shots. I'm in awe of those flock of birds gliding in the awe inspiring sky.


Fantastic shits of the birds flying. The last one is my favorite.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Fantastic sight!! And your photos are truly superb, Sallie! And the colorful skies make such a perfect and dramatic backdrop! Awesome!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



That last capture is really a wonderful sight.


These are incredible sights. The skies themselves are picture perfect and with the migrating flock on top...Wow! This would be an amazing experience. Reusing photos from your portfolio makes a world of sense. I don't think Ansel Adams meant for his photographs to be viewed only once!


Wonderful series of lovely images! Looks like a great place to visit.


Birds in flocks are always a bewitching sight. Cranes and snow geese sound a treat. Lovely photos.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Wonderful shots. I never do well with bird photos. But, we have sure been overloaded with black birds this winter. I have pasted snow covered fields black with birds on the ground and when they take off the sky almost disappears.


Amazing images. Very beautiful and well done.


I've never been to Bosque del Apache, but it's on my list. Thanks for sharing your photos and your great experience there.


What a great experience that must be to witness so many birds flying overhead.


Great photos. I always enjoy seeing flying birds against a beautiful sky.


Amazing pics... Especially the second one and the last one are just so eye catching...
Have a nice day:)

Lady Fi

Wow - those golden pictures are just magical!

Martha Z

A repost, that's a good idea. I've been wondering if I will have enough material to last for an upcoming trip.
I love the fly-in off the cranes, we've seen this in the delta near Stockton, it's an amazing sight.


I do remember when you did a show and tell about Bosque del Apache. I wrote it down in my "must see" journal. I'm still hoping to get there. I don't mind seeing the pictures again and again, if you want.


Your photos are just stunning Sallie, I am so pleased that you repeated these photos as I hadn't seen them before. I would love to visit this area and see these birds for myself.


The first and third images are my favorites!
You really captured them wonderfully. Both in silhouette and in sharpness. I'm so glad I enlarged the third one - nice work Sallie.


These photos, especially the last with the golden sky are magnificent, Sallie. I can only imagine your awe at actually being there.

Gary Phillips

Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


WOW...its on my list---and has been for about 8 months so now I just have to get out there!!! Amazing photos-


Somewhere I would love to visit sometime and see these exceptionally large flocks. Lovely shots.


Lovely images.

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