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March 18, 2011


sandie czosek

It was a very big and bright moon too. sandie

Martha Z

Moon? I haven't seen her or her friend the sun in several days.


Great captures, Sallie! I love the Ibis and the moon shot is wonderful.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Great reflection. Seems you are having a wonderful visit in the land of sun and sand.


Scuh a lovely evening! Great photos and reflections Sallie.
Happy spring. Enjoy your weekend


Three fabulous shots to summarize a perfect early evening. It's worth enlarging the glass to see the wonderful blue sky reflected. The ibis and moon would be super to see.

Lady Fi

What a perfect evening! And such a lovely visitor too.

Gemma @ Greyscale

Delightful photos! Especially love the intricate pattern of the reflection in the wine glass!


Very nice photos!
Nice of the ibis to drop by also!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA

LOVE the reflections in that glass of wine, and you are so lucky to see an ibis up close. They are exotic to me!


I'm just sitting here sighing Sallie! :)
I can almost smell the water.
A super daytime moon.
Watch for tomorrow nights full moon. It's supposed to be magical.


there's a lot going on in that wine glass :)
I love the ibis, they are exotic

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, a perfect setting indeed! Love the reflections in the wine glass! Looks like the beginning of a lovely evening! And I hope your whole week is lovely! Enjoy, Sallie!

Oh, I will be moving into an apartment here in Seattle in a few weeks as my son has found the love of his life -- something he was quite sure would never happen -- and I feel it's time for Sam Schnauzer and I to get our own place. I'm really quite excited as I've found a great community. More later!



A perfect setting for a prefect evening. I think the reflections in the wine glass is so neat.

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