March 03, 2011


sandie czosek

I love your collage. You are a bit ahead of us in spring time. Lovely scenery. sandie


I love the intricate patterns those trees create in the watery reflection...it's so Florida! Thanks for stopping by at my SWF. Enjoy the week.

Inger-Marie Sæverud

Beautiful reflections!


The collage of the trees represents some beautiful seasons! Yellows make my day so bright and sunny.

The swamp trees reflection is my favorite.

P.S. I am holding off joining memes and blogging for a while. Been doing some self training and healthy cooking for our forth coming hiking trip next month in AZ. I will be posting some photos of my local hikes and photography. Thanks for stopping by, your comments are such an inspiration.

Jenn Jilks

I love it! What magic, as Arti said.


The collage is pretty but the second image steals the show... Such a beautiful place, so mysterious... The place looks desolated!! Great capture :)
Have a wonderful Sunday :-)


I've just had a wonderful trip down the scroll bar :)
caught up with all your great photos

I love the signs!!

and these reflections are wonderful

Mike B.

Now that is a swamp! Any gators?

Judy Friend

Hi Sallie, Great pictures. I see what you mean about our pictures being about the same. I hope you were able to see what was in the nest. I'm not sure if there are eggs in there or not. Time will tell. Have a great weekend. My girlfriend, neighbor and I are off to St. Petersburg today to eat lunch at the Columbian Restaurant. Chat later, Jude

carolyn Ford

This is a great scene...I love seeing the reflection through this grove of trees! GREAT eye!

Magical Mystical Teacher

The swamp photo is definitely my favorite!


Which sky for you?
One that is blue?
Or do you prefer
A sky that’s demure?

A sky in grey
Is soft, they say,
And not everyone
Likes the blinding sun.

Perhaps a sky
Through which geese fly
To winter havens
Away from ravens?

A rain-swept sky
That seems to cry?
O quickly choose one
Before day is done!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher


Kay Davies

Fabulous reflection, especially when it makes the sky bluer. Fantastic.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Lovely reflection and beautiful sky!
Have a great weekend:)


Both photos are very nice. I really like the second one. Such a pretty, bright blue reflection in the water.


Just been catching up with all your interesting posts. I have working on a seven week contract so I don't have as much time for blogging. You have been busy enjoying yourselves, good for you, that what retirement is all about. Love the reflections.


Oh,my goodness, how lovely!


Very nice! Mangroves have such interesting shapes!

jeannette StG

Whoa, these trees make me think of a jungle with all those air roots (is that how you call them?) but it makes for excellent reflections!


Beautyful reflection! the eyes are getting lost in that landscape..


The are so many varieties of skywatching. Sky filtered through trees is good and reflected sky even better. Great photos!

Joe Todd

Sallie what a neat photo.. We are leaving for Charleston S.C. tomorrow. Appreciate your posts on Charleston.. Have a great weekend


Hello Sallie, your sky photos are beautiful. Great captures of the reflections. I hope you have a great weekend.


I cannot resist your foto of the reflected Florida skies...bluer than the sky! Great shot.

Lady Fi

What a gorgeous blue in the reflection! Stunning.


Hello again, thanks for stopping by my blog. I live in Ohio. I don't give a lot of specifics on the blog about where I live and work because of what I do - I don't always make a lot of friends. :) I hope you are doing well and looking forward to more travel this spring.

Sally in WA

Great shot with the reflection, Sallie!

Martha Z

It's true, there is a lot of variety in California but we don't have cyprus knees or spoonbills. We've been to a lot of states but will never see them all and you've done a good job of giving the rest of us a taste of what this great country has to offer.
I do appreciate your compliments and if I give people an idea of what they may want to see when on the west coast that would please me.
I think we finally solved our gas leak problem in the Roadtrek so now I can plan a few camping trips.


Fabulous collection of images.


Hello Sally dear. Beautiful skies and reflections.
Love your collage.
Happy weekend.



Great shots. The colors are awesome!


What a gorgeous blue in the reflection, Sallie, - like a precious jewel.


Terrific reflection!
That yellow is nice against the blue sky as well.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Incredible blue reflection on the water! Terrific captures, as always Sallie! Hope you have a wonderful, beautiful weekend! Enjoy!


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