March 09, 2011



I imagine the man with his helmet, his armor, his lance and his puffed short pans in a spa ! Poor boy !

Rita aka Cashjocky

One of the few places I have actually visited. I loved St Augustine when we were there many years ago. Thanks for the memories.

Inger-Marie Sæverud

The first one doesn't seem to draw a lot of costumers, hope the second one is doing better!


the fountain of youth is looking a but tired ;)


Looks like a wonderful place... Have heard about Florida a lot, it is a beautiful young place!! Great sign!
Have a good day:)


Ponce de León's ghost is probably haunting whomever designed that life-sized figure.


We have a fountain of youth near us. It's run by a right shower.

Have a good weekend, Boonie


How neat that you found two fountain of youth places and signs. For some reason the guy standing next to the sign just made me laugh. It's getting late and I should take myself to bed.


Actually, I think they may have worked for you, Sallie. You seem really young at heart to me.


If you find it, let us all know! Nice captures.

Martha Z

We name all of our vehicles and the Roadtrek is "Ponce de Leon" (Leon for short) it has a license holder that reads "In search of the fountain of Youth".

Lady Fi

Great sign! Some people would claim that Florida has the youngest old population in the world!


Yay I love to visit and stay there for awhile hehe!


The Ponce looks a bit like a Swiss Guard. Ahhhh if only there was a Fountain Of Youth that worked.


I would not like to have to dress like he is.....


If my face ends up like Mickey Rourke or Joan Rivers I want not part of it.

Gemma @ Greyscale

O what fun shots! So the legend of the Fountain of Youth lives on!


Hehehe, I would love to go to that Fountain of Youth. I do not remember seeing this at St Augustine, when I visited in mid 2000.

I saw that SPA sign on our way to Salvation mountain.

Sallie, thanks for your very nice compliments on my photos. I have learned that looking at how-to websites has helped me. Also, with my photography group, I am learning new skills and techniques. But in the end, I think, its your personal perception or how you interpret the scene and put in pictures. I am still learning on my composition, but my daughter is always my great critique.

Luna Miranda

the spa looks inviting...must be a great spot.
great signs.


I remember seeing signs for the fountain of youth years ago in Saint Augustine. My husband and I were in our early twenties and I don't recall that we went. If we were there today we might just visit on the chance to change things around. LOL!


What sweet serendipity finding these two signs to put together...I love it! I'm afraid my Fountain of Youth is drying up...:)

Imagination Lane


I'd be happy at a spa, less so at a tourist trap!
Great juxtaposition!

and I'm glad you are having so much fun with this. so am I.

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