March 28, 2011


sandie czosek

My goodness you really seem professional there - how in the world did you learn to do all that and find these places? That STILL amazes me. sandie

Clair Z.

Always a fascinating subject. I remember standing (on land) and watching lock operation at the Lake Washington Ship Canal. You are very brave!


Wow, that was just plain scary and I'm only looking at the picture. Sounds like you had quite the adventure.

J Bar

Terrific collection of shots.


Patience is a virtue to wait for the locks...happy WW!

Genie Robinson

Sallie....I grew up on Lake Worth in Palm Beach, Florida, and saw all the boats that would come down the inland waterway for the winters. I cannot imagine being so lucky at to sail all the way from the Gulf Coast....how exciting. There are no locks around the Palm Beach area so these photos are all a new experience for me. I am glad your husband survived that lock experience and that you didn’t drop the camera. You were definitely a strong woman on a mission that day!!! Your shots are great and you really pull the viewer into your fabulous experience through the photographs and your commentary.


I have watched the locks and often think about how much patience is needed for the boaters waiting...

jeannette StG

Eek, am glad you were in charge of the boat! You did well!


visiting from My World...lovely shots...followed you, hope you'll follow me back..

mine's here:


I didn't realize it was such an involved process
I thought it was gates open and boats go thru!
shows you how much I sail ;)
this was so interesting to read


Excitment--awesome--So did you guys tie up and find campgrounds or motels or stay on your boats overnight? Enjoying these posts so MUCH!!


Looks like an adventure indeed. Glad all went well.


You always manage the detailed shots! The locks seem far wider and deeper than some of our canal locks!

Luna Miranda

locks are quite fascinating. what a wonderful boat trip.


What an experience, I have never done anything like this. It sounds wonderful but scary at the same time. I enjoyed seeing all of your photos.


Looks like a lot of fun... The strong wind can be a deterrent as you rightly pointed out but the overall thrill of a boat ride is unmatched... I have undertaken a lot of boat rides but never seen the bridge opening to see a boat pass!!
Have a great week Sallie:)


I've never been through locks like this. sounds like quite the thing.


Wonderful images and narration. This sure is inteteresting and adventurous experience.

Lady Fi

Fascinating experience - if a little tricky.


My husband had a boat on the Chesapeake for years, and I was part of his "crew." I was never quite comfortable in the situations you describe. Glad nobody went overboard!


Wow, I am not sure if I could do that. I feel uneasy just looking over the side of a cruise ship. LOL! Fantastic shots of the locks.


Sallie... even your moments of adventure sound like a natural part of your boating experience. I suspect you'd find it boring if it was only a smooth float all the time. ;-) Thanks for sharing your world!


We have been to the St. Lucie lock in the first photo. But only topside watching the boats go through.. it was fun to watch the water level rising.

Sallie, Stuart is about 35 miles.
Be Well and Happy,


I would have that scary experience too, unless there is a big room for the boat to pass through. But the weather looks so beautiful to be out in the waters!


always boating weather out there eh?

Sylvia Kirkwood

Looks like a "hold your breath" moment/minutes to me!! Glad you got through safe and sound! Terrific captures! Does look like a beautiful day to be on the water! Have a great week, Sallie!


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